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PWR Group is dedicated to accelerating the automotive industry's shift towards sustainability. Our subsidiary, EPWR, leads this charge by repurposing original chassis from street cars and transforming them into high-performance racing machines through innovative recycling and rejuvenation processes. This approach breathes new life into vehicles, significantly reducing environmental impact while ensuring commercial viability.

The R&D-arm of PWR Group

The reality of the motorsport industry is that it is financially unsustainable. Finding a viable business model for running teams is challenging, and drivers struggle to build careers without financial constraints. This raises important questions about cost regulations: what are we spending money on, and who truly benefits? In motorsport, the goal is always to make everything go faster, but there is no clear structure in how money is spent—it's like chasing a rabbit with no direction.

Listen to PWR Group CEO and Partner, Micke Jansson, discuss this issue and how EPWR has become a catalyst for innovation and change in the industry.

Recycled and Rejuvenated

The EPWR approach stands apart in the racing world with its unique proposition: focusing on talent, economy, and entertainment. Unlike traditional racing setups where the emphasis often shifts towards financial prowess rather than driving skill, EPWR prioritizes the cultivation of talent, providing a level playing field for drivers to showcase their abilities without the overshadowing influence of financial resources.

We recognize that talent should be the driving force behind success in motorsport. By democratizing access to high-performance racing through our innovative approach, EPWR makes it possible for drivers of all backgrounds to compete on an equal footing.

Moreover, our commitment to sustainability extends to the economic aspect of racing. By repurposing chassis from various automotive brands, we significantly reduce the costs associated with building racing cars, making the sport more financially sustainable and accessible for both drivers and fans.For us at EPWR, electric-powered racing cars represent the future of motorsport.

We are committed to developing electric racing cars that deliver superior performance compared to traditional fossil-fueled vehicles. Our dedication to pushing the boundaries of electric vehicle technology underscores our commitment to a sustainable future, aiming to redefine the racing landscape and make it more inclusive and thrilling for participants and fans alike.

STCC is an existing championship in Sweden and the first promoter to license EPWR's concept and technical regulations. We see ourselves as partners as we focus on delivering action on the track, ensuring spectators are treated to an exhilarating display of skill and competition.

"Electric-powered racing cars represent the Future of Motorsport"

EPWR, how it started

In 2017, Project PWR001 was initiated, marking the beginning of collaborative development efforts with key partners to showcase a fully electric racing car within one year. This marked the genesis of EPWR, introducing the world’s first touring car dedicated to electrifying motorsport. This pioneering venture welcomed Skellefteå Kraft and SKF Automotive as strategic partners, driven by a shared vision of utilizing motorsport to advance the electrification agenda.

We continue to create a solid foundation for future initiatives in electrified racing, setting a precedent for innovation and sustainability within the industry. The next step in electrification continued alongside partner STCC, with the all-new PWR002 making its debut during a media launch in Helsingborg. Subsequently, the car underwent its first public demonstration run during the Mantorp finale.

While celebrating the milestones achieved with the introduction of PWR001 and PWR002, this R&D arm of PWR Group continues to look toward the future, exploring new frontiers in sustainable technology. With a steadfast commitment to pushing the boundaries of electrified and sustainable racing, EPWR remains at the forefront of innovation, constantly seeking new ways to advance the sustainability agenda within the automotive industry.

STCC logo on the door of a EPWR car

Performance Specs: Setting the Standard

• Rear wheel drive
• Speed reduction with Ratio options
• Over 550 BHP
• Single-core motor
• 45 kWh, 800V battery
• 50 kW regeneration
• FIA Standard
• Safety compliant with FIA ar. 253

Rendering of PWR Cupra

Race cars and models

We design and manufacture electric-powered racing cars that excel in environmental sustainability.


We set new standards for motorsports and drive positive change in the industry. 

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