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Electric Rallycross

PWR RX operates the CE Dealer Team by Volvo Construction Equipment in the Electric FIA World Rallycross Championship.The programme is run with support from dealers of Volvo Construction Equipment along with key partners, who together share a commitment to inspire towards a diverse and more sustainable future.


Not just a rallycross team

Let's take this chance to start spreading our excitement for the upcoming season! CE Dealer Team by Volvo Construction Equipment is thrilled to confirm Klara Andersson and Niclas Grönholm as the official drivers for the FIA World Rallycross (RX) 2024 season. Emphasizing the focus on drivers, CE Dealer Team aims not only to excel in rallycross but also to champion diversity and sustainability in society.

A quick look at the CE Dealer Team

In 2024, for the first time in World RX history, the cutting-edge electric RX1e cars – introduced two years ago – will go doorhandle-to-doorhandle with their sustainably-fuelled RX1 combustion counterparts as they rejoin the fray. This addition adds another fascinating dimension and an intriguing twist to what is already one of the most thrilling forms of motorsport on the planet.

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