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In the dynamic world of motorsport, where speed, precision, and innovation converge, PWR Group emerges as more than just a brand – it embodies a philosophy. It isn't just about winning races; it's about shaping the future of an entire industry, pioneering new technologies, and redefining what's possible on and off the track.

Get ready to follow CUPRA Sweden-PWR in the upcoming STCC-season

As the anticipation builds for the forthcoming season, CUPRA Sweden-PWR's team principal is leaving no detail unchecked in their preparation. With a meticulous approach, the team is fine-tuning every aspect of their operation, from technical setups to cultivating a winning mindset among the crew. Stay tuned for more updates and announcements as we prepare to hit the track and showcase the true spirit of racing. 

Driving innovation through meaningful partnerships

We're united by our passion for motorsports, and in everything we do, we're committed to making the sport more accessible, entertaining, and sustainable. It is under the PWR Group umbrella that we combine decades of experience in motorsport and entertainment, encompassing all areas related to the sport, including partnerships, race cars, events, digital marketing, as well as strategic advisory. Explore case studies on our dedicated partners, all of whom play a crucial role in driving our mission forward.

PWR 001 race car standing at a fuelling station with Skelleftea Kraft product nearby

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