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Supporting a Cause

Amidst the harsh economic realities of the motorsport industry, CEO Micke Jansson's leadership stands as a testament to resilience and vision. Recognizing the inherent challenges of pursuing a career in a financially demanding field, Micke's strategic insights and  dedication continues to propel PWR Group forward. His visionary approach extends beyond mere profitability, as our partnerships are forged with a deeper purpose—supporting causes and driving positive change within every aspect of the industry.

"No one told me about the finances"

The finances behind motorsport create significant barriers for talented drivers to succeed, often favouring those with robust support systems. Making a living as a professional driver can be as challenging as becoming an astronaut. To address this, we aim to create a sustainable commercial platform for the sport, enabling talented drivers to pursue their careers without financial obstacles.

"It doesn't really help to become the best"

The passion for the sport and the talent must come first; everything else is our work behind the scenes. By implementing the EPWR concept, we can transform motorsport into an accessible and equitable field, allowing true talent to shine and thrive.

"Our vacations were on the racetracks"

Most motorsport enthusiasts start with go-karting and then progress to higher levels where it all becomes about racing. The true season is spring and summer, and motorsport is more than just a hobby—it's an identity and a lifelong passion. At PWR Group, we are dedicated to supporting this passion and changing the entire industry, shaping the future of motorsport for generations to come.

Accessibility of motorsports

Accessibility in motorsports is unique, offering a level playing field where individuals, regardless of their abilities, can compete on equal terms. In this sport, barriers are broken, and inclusivity is championed, allowing everyone, irrespective of their limitations, to partake in the thrill of racing.

Bridging the gap to careers for mechanics and technicians

Motorsports can serve as a gateway to careers in mechanics and related fields. As enthusiasts immerse themselves in the world of motorsports, they develop a deep appreciation for the intricacies of vehicle design, performance optimization, and maintenance. This fascination often translates into a desire to explore careers in mechanics, engineering, and automotive technology. By showcasing the technical aspects of racing and providing hands-on experiences, motorsports plays a pivotal role in attracting individuals to these professions, thereby bolstering interest and expertise in the field.

A technician working on a laptop that is connected to the race car. Reading data.

More female role models in motorsport

Why aren't more women and young girls represented in motorsport? Regardless of the reasons, we continue to work towards attracting more young girls and giving them the opportunity in the world of motorsport. Because we need them!

In 2014, Emma Kimiläinen competed for PWR Racing, becoming the first woman in fifteen years to do so in STCC. She secured a podium finish in her first season, and the team has always had at least one female driver since then. In 2018, Mikaela Åhlin-Kottulinsky claimed her first STCC victory with the team, becoming the first woman ever to do so.

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