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Guided by our core principles of care, challenge, and deliverance, PWR continues to redefine industry standards and drive positive change within the motorsport community. As a trusted partner we offer expertise, innovation, and a commitment to performance, making us the premier choice for businesses seeking to align themselves with the future of motorsport.


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Partner stories

Dive into our case studies to learn more about our partnerships in action. Get inspired and let us know how we can help you reach new heights with your business

Supporting a cause

We believe in the power of meaningful partnerships to drive positive change. Join us in making a difference and together, let's shape the future for motorsport

Opportunities and offers

PWR operates within the motorsport industry, encompassing all are as related to motorsport, including race cars, events, partnerships, marketing and communication, as well as manufacturing, development, and sales of vehicle components and cars.

"The team, our partners, and everyone involved have undertaken an almost unbelievable journey since the start in 2012"

Daniel Haglöf, Partner - PWR Group

"We are in the business of shaping the future of motorsport"

Jenny Videsparv, Head of Brand and Communication - PWR Group

"We've transitioned from a small underdog to one of the major players in Swedish motorsport"

Micke Jansson, CEO – PWR Group

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