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We're united by our passion for motorsports, and in everything we do, we're committed to making the sport more accessible, entertaining, and sustainable.

The PWR Group is based in Stockholm, Sweden. The business group consists of EPWR, PWR RX, PWR Racing and PWR Management.

Race cars & models

We designs and manufacture electric-powered racing cars that excel in environmental sustainability.

A sleek, modern race car is pictured with a dynamic purple and black paint job. It features bold logos and racing decals, including "Cupra" on the front and "SKF Skellefteå Kraft" on the side. The car boasts a sporty design with aerodynamic enhancements, proudly representing PWR Group in its build.
EPWR brand logo

EPWR stands at the forefront of innovation within the PWR Group, leading the charge in revolutionizing motorsport. With a focus on sustainable performance, economic viability, and technical advancement, the organization drives change within the industry. Designing and manufacturing sustainable racing cars, EPWR serves as the R&D arm of the PWR Group with the aim of paving the way for a more environmentally conscious motorsport.

PWR Racing brand logo

PWR Racing, debuting under the name CUPRA Sweden-PWR in STCC 2023, was founded in 2012 by Daniel Haglöf and Peter "Poker" Wallenberg with the aim of breaking existing norms in circuit racing and advancing the sport. The team is part of the PWR Group and is based in Vikmanshyttan. PWR Racing are the reigning STCC champions for drivers, and has won a total of nine titles in the championship.

Front view of a CUPRA racing car with a sleek design, featuring a prominent logo on the hood. The car is painted in shades of purple with diagonal stripes in various colors, and sponsorship logos from PWR Group on the front bumper and sides. A black background highlights its racing prowess.
Two race cars with yellow fronts are parked on a race track. A man and a woman, both in grey and yellow racing suits from the PWR Group, stand beside the cars. Behind them, the track curves uphill with a scenic view of trees and distant hills under a blue sky, setting the stage for an exhilarating racing experience.
PWR Rallycross brand logo

PWR RX operates the CE Dealer Team by Volvo Construction Equipment programme in the FIA World Rallycross. The program is run with support from dealers of Volvo Construction Equipment along with key partners, who together share a commitment to inspire towards a diverse and more sustainable future.

PWR News

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"The team, our partners, and everyone involved have undertaken an almost unbelievable journey since the start in 2012"

Daniel Haglöf, Partner - PWR Group

"We've transitioned from a small underdog to one of the major players in Swedish motorsport"

Micke Jansson, CEO – PWR Group

"We are in the business of shaping the future of motorsport"

Jenny Videsparv, Head of Brand and Communication - PWR Group
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