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With over 10 years of passion for motorsport, many professionals within PWR Group has written the history of racing where our team, CUPRA Sweden-PWR continues to win titles and perform in a way that inspires, now with a focus on electric racing.


PWR Racing was founded by racing driver Daniel Haglöf and businessman Peter "Poker" Wallenberg with the goal of breaking current norms in circuit racing and developing the sport.The duo still owns and runs the team with the same philosophy from its inception in 2012: to grow organically and sustainably together with the team's partners.


PWR Racing introduced the first female driver in 15 years to the STCC, Scandinavia's elite circuit racing class. She stood on the podium in her debut season. Since then, the team has had at least one female driver every season.The team hired its first full-time employees and laid the foundation for operations in Vikmanshyttan.


PWR Racing secured its first STCC victory despite a significantly smaller budget than its competitors.The team won the junior class Formula Renault 1.6 with a newly formed junior team. The same season, the team also won the PRO/AM championship in the Swedish GT.


PWR Racing signed a four-year agreement with the Volkswagen Group to represent SEAT in the STCC. The declared goal was to win both the team and driver championships within three years.The team designed, constructed, and built three race cars in record time together with SEAT's designers in Spain and main partner Combitech in Sweden.The current headquarters, showroom, and workshop were built in collaboration with partner CTEK in Vikmanshyttan.


PWR Racing won the STCC driver’s championship with Robert Dahlgren after a total of 21 podium finishes.It was the team's and Dahlgren's first STCC title, the result of significant restructuring, including hiring a full-time engineer.PWR Racing started project PWR001, a development effort with key partners to showcase a fully electric race car within a year.


PWR Racing made history with Mikaela Åhlin-Kottulinsky as she became the first woman ever to win an STCC race. Both her chief mechanic and tire technician were young female talents.The team won the STCC team championship, fulfilling the promise to SEAT and the VW Group. PWR Racing grew significantly and began using its own simulation model to optimize the performance of the team's race cars.PWR Racing became one of the strongest teams in Scandinavia and was invited by SEAT Spain to represent the new brand CUPRA in the WTCR, the world cup in touring car racing.During the STCC final at Mantorp Park, the electric race car PWR001 was unveiled to the press and public for the first time.


PWR Racing made its debut in the WTCR, emerging as the best newcomer with one victory and several podium finishes in a field that included former world champion drivers and teams.The team secured its second championship title on home soil with Robert Dahlgren, and Mikaela Åhlin-Kottulinsky became the first woman ever to qualify in pole position in Scandinavia’s top championship.The development of PWR001 advanced rapidly, and the car was showcased at exhibitions, along with team partners and the STCC.


PWR Racing debuted the new CUPRA León Competición as one of the first teams in the world.Despite minimal preparation for the season, the team was in contention from the first race weekend.Robert Dahlgren finished with a silver medal in the championship, only seven points behind former world champion Rob Huff, and the team secured the bronze medal in the team championship.


PWR Racing broke all records during the 2021 STCC season, claiming both the driver and team championships in dominant fashion.Robert Dahlgren and Mikaela Åhlin-Kottulinsky finished first and second in the driver’s championship with a total of 13 victories and 26 podium finishes. PWR Racing won the team championship by a margin of 176 points over the nearest competitor.Mikaela Åhlin-Kottulinsky once again made history as the first female driver ever to achieve a medal position in the STCC.Parallel to the STCC effort, the development of PWR001 continued in collaboration with Skellefteå Kraft.


In 2022, PWR Racing set new records with a historic grand slam in the STCC. The team won the team title, Robert Dahlgren took the driver’s title, and Axel Bengtsson claimed the junior title, something never before achieved by a team in the championship's history.These successes elevated PWR Racing to the fourth most successful STCC team ever with a total of nine titles.The next step in electrification continued alongside the STCC program, with the debut of the all-new PWR002 during a media launch in Helsingborg and a public demonstration run during the Mantorp final.The future of circuit racing looks promising and exciting.

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