CUPRA Sweden-PWR, in collaboration with PWR Group, is proud to reveal its striking new livery for the upcoming 2024 racing season.

Livery reveal CUPRA Sweden-PWR!

April 29, 2024

The captivating design blends CUPRA's and Skellefteå Kraft’s iconic colors with PWR Group's distinctive style, embodying the team's spirit of speed, precision, and innovation. Featuring sleek lines, vibrant hues, and striking graphics, the new livery underscores the team's commitment to performance and excellence on the track.

"We think that the new livery looks really good, the combination of the colors and graphics together with the exposure of our partners makes it look really nice.” says Marcus Ekström, team principal for CUPRA Sweden-PWR.

Stay tuned as CUPRA Sweden-PWR gears up to make its mark in the world of racing with its electrifying new look. The team's debut in the 2024 STCC season is set to kick off in Gothenburg on June 8-9, promising an adrenaline-fueled showcase of speed, skill, and innovation. With the unveiling of the striking new livery, CUPRA Sweden-PWR is poised to captivate fans and competitors alike as they embark on their quest for victory in this highly anticipated event.

Join us as we witness the fusion of cutting-edge technology and relentless determination on the track, as CUPRA Sweden-PWR aims to leave an indelible impression on the STCC circuit.

What is PWR Group?

The PWR Group is based in Stockholm, Sweden. The business group consists of EPWR, PWR RX, PWR Racing and PWR Management. We're united by our passion for motorsports, and in everything we do, we're committed to making the sport more accessible, entertaining, and sustainable.

What is CUPRA Sweden-PWR?

PWR Racing, debuting under the name CUPRA Sweden-PWR in STCC 2023, was founded in 2012 by Daniel Haglöf and Peter "Poker" Wallenberg with the aim of breaking existing norms in circuit racing and advancing the sport. The team is part of the PWR Group and is based in Vikmanshyttan. PWR Racing are the reigning STCC champions for drivers, teams, and juniors. PWR Racing represents CUPRA in STCC and has won a total of nine titles in the championship.

What is STCC?

STCC is Scandinavia's leading racing championship, founded in 1996. The championship competes with heavily modified production cars in an explosive, short, and adrenaline-filled racing format on the best racing circuits in Sweden. Starting in 2024, the championship is electrified with brand-new race cars with nearly 550 horsepower, the most powerful cars in STCC history. STCC is broadcast live via the streaming platform STCC+.

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Head of Brand and Communication

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