CUPRA Sweden-PWR proudly welcomes Anton Marklund, a seasoned driver whose remarkable achievements in the European Rallycross Championship speak volumes about his talent and dedication.

CUPRA Sweden-PWR proudly announces its third driver: Anton Marklund ready for the upcoming 2024 STCC season!

May 3, 2024

With four gold medals under his belt, Marklund's commitment to performance is undeniable. Transitioning from rallycross to circuit racing, Marklund now sees an opportunity to further hone his skills now that he can commit fully to a racing season without the exclusive focus on RX. With a humble approach, Marklund is eager to embrace the challenges ahead and continue his journey of growth and development alongside a team that shares his passion, eager to learn Marklund hopes to surprise spectators throughout the season. "For me, racing isn't just a sport; it's a way of life," says Anton Marklund.

As the anticipation builds for the forthcoming season, CUPRA Sweden-PWR's team principal is leaving no detail unchecked in their preparation. With a meticulous approach, the team is meticulously fine-tuning every aspect of their operation, from technical setups to cultivating a winning mindset among the crew. Beyond the track, strategic partnerships are being leveraged to equip both team and the drivers with the necessary tools for success, with the help of PWR Group. With a determination to deliver great performances it’s therefore important to highlight the vast commitment to teamwork, that certainly makes CUPRA Sweden-PWR poised to make a formidable impact in the upcoming season.

“We now have the whole team in place and with an impressive track record and a passion for motorsport, Marklund brings a wealth of experience and skill to the team. We are confident that he’ll make a valuable addition to CUPRA Sweden-PWR, and we hope he will enjoy working together with us both off and on track” says Marcus Ekström, team principal for CUPRA Sweden-PWR

As CUPRA Sweden-PWR gear up for the challenges and triumphs that await the team in the 2024 STCC season, there is a lot of excitement to strive for continued success. Stay tuned for more updates and announcements as we prepare to hit the track and showcase the true spirit of racing. You can follow the team and the drivers on the social media of PWR Group.

What is PWR Group?

The PWR Group is based in Stockholm, Sweden. The business group consists of EPWR, PWR RX, PWR Racing and PWR Management. We're united by our passion for motorsports, and in everything we do, we're committed to making the sport more accessible, entertaining, and sustainable.

What is CUPRA Sweden-PWR?

PWR Racing, debuting under the name CUPRA Sweden-PWR in STCC 2023, was founded in 2012 by Daniel Haglöf and Peter "Poker" Wallenberg with the aim of breaking existing norms in circuit racing and advancing the sport. The team is part of the PWR Group and is based in Vikmanshyttan. PWR Racing are the reigning STCC champions for drivers, teams, and juniors. PWR Racing represents CUPRA in STCC and has won a total of nine titles in the championship.

What is STCC?

STCC is Scandinavia's leading racing championship, founded in 1996. The championship competes with heavily modified production cars in an explosive, short, and adrenaline-filled racing format on the best racing circuits in Sweden. Starting in 2024, the championship is electrified with brand-new race cars with nearly 550 horsepower, the most powerful cars in STCC history. STCC is broadcast live via the streaming platform STCC+.

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