CUPRA Sweden-PWR hereby promotes the three completed CUPRA Born race cars ahead of the groundbreaking 2024 STCC season, set to become a 100% electric touring car championship. Premiering in Gothenburg on June 8th-9th the season also kicks off with a city race!

CUPRA Sweden-PWR proudly receives its three electric CUPRA Borns for the 2024 STCC season!

May 4, 2024

"We are happy to present these CUPRA Borns to CUPRA Sweden-PWR in anticipation of their upcoming, and I am sure, historic 2024 season, as we remain committed to shaping a sustainable and exhilarating future in motorsport," expressed Marcus Ekström, team principal for CUPRA Sweden-PWR

With a commitment to sustainability and performance, these cars embody the future of motorsport, set to compete in a championship that promises to redefine the boundaries of racing excellence. From the sleek design and cutting-edge technology of the CUPRA Borns, we shift our focus to the foundational partnership that has fueled CUPRA Sweden-PWR:s journey. Both Skellefteå Kraft and CUPRA Sweden are two partners who played a pivotal role in the development of this groundbreaking endeavor. These unique partnerships, forged from scratch, reflect a shared vision for innovation, sustainability, and pushing the boundaries of what's possible in electric racing.

"The collaboration with PWR has aligned with our goal of being a leader in the electrification of the transportation sector. We are happy and proud that the collaboration has contributed to the first fully electrified national racing championship taking place in Gothenburg in June," says Sanna Lundström, Business Area Manager of Skellefteå Kraft.

Skellefteå Kraft, in 2017, made a strategic decision to lead the charge in sustainable transportation. Recognizing the need for a partner equally committed to transformation, they found an ally in PWR Racing, a part of PWR Group. Historically, racing has not been synonymous with environmental friendliness but to ensure its continued viability without adverse effects on the climate, particularly in urban environments, it needed to undergo a significant green overhaul. A pivotal moment in the partnership journey, between Skellefteå Kraft and PWR Racing, was the development of the PWR001, the world's first electric touring car, a testament to our dedication to innovation and sustainability. This milestone not only represented a breakthrough in racing technology but also marked a significant step towards a greener future for transportation.

"We're incredibly excited to be part of the historic premiere of the fully electric STCC in Gothenburg. Introducing our bestseller, the CUPRA Born, in this series is a milestone for us. Electric racing in urban environments is the future, where we combine passion, environmental consideration, and adrenaline-filled racing. We look forward to an exciting and intense season with many podium finishes and shared joy and success with our partners. This is just the beginning of our journey towards a more sustainable and thrilling motorsport world," says Per Brinkenberg, Brand Manager at CUPRA Sweden.

However, nothing has been possible without the CUPRA Sweden partnership. Building upon CUPRA Born street cars we are collectively pushing the electrification agenda even further. Through these strategic alliances and technological advancements, with unwavering support, CUPRA Sweden-PWR is poised to make history in the 2024 STCC season, demonstrating that sustainable practices and high-performance racing can go hand in hand. Together, we exemplify the power of partnership in driving positive change, both on and off the track.

What is PWR Group?

The PWR Group is based in Stockholm, Sweden. The business group consists of EPWR, PWR RX, PWR Racing and PWR Management. We're united by our passion for motorsports, and in everything we do, we're committed to making the sport more accessible, entertaining, and sustainable.

What is CUPRA Sweden-PWR?

PWR Racing, debuting under the name CUPRA Sweden-PWR in STCC 2023, was founded in 2012 by Daniel Haglöf and Peter "Poker" Wallenberg with the aim of breaking existing norms in circuit racing and advancing the sport. The team is part of the PWR Group and is based in Vikmanshyttan. PWR Racing are the reigning STCC champions for drivers, teams, and juniors. PWR Racing represents CUPRA in STCC and has won a total of nine titles in the championship.

What is STCC?

STCC is Scandinavia's leading racing championship, founded in 1996. The championship competes with heavily modified production cars in an explosive, short, and adrenaline-filled racing format on the best racing circuits in Sweden. Starting in 2024, the championship is electrified with brand-new race cars with nearly 550 horsepower, the most powerful cars in STCC history. STCC is broadcast live via the streaming platform STCC+.

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