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CUPRA Sweden-PWR in STCC 2024

We are up and "driving", right in the middle of the STCC, and here you can find all information about CUPRA Sweden-PWR, PWR Group, STCC season, latest news and highlights! Enjoy!

Close up front 3d rendering of PWR Cupra

CUPRA Sweden-PWR Highlights 2024
STCC Season

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Latest STCC Information

STCC (Scandinavian Touring Car Championship) is Scandinavia's foremost racing championship where the official Swedish racing champion is crowned in collaboration with EPWR, part of the PWR Group, and the Swedish Automobile Association. From 2024, all teams, including CUPRA Sweden-PWR, compete in the STCC with 100% electric racing cars of 550 horsepower, the most powerful cars in the championship's history. Follow the latest updates by clicking on the link.

Rendering of PWR Cupra
Photo of Robert Dahlgren and Axel Bengtsson

CUPRA Sweden-PWR Drivers

Introducing the formidable team behind CUPRA Sweden-PWR, where talent meets dedication in the thrilling world of motorsport.  Drivers Robert Dahlgren, Axel Bengtsson and Anton Marklund represent a formidable lineup. As they hit the track, their mission is clear: to not only secure victories for themselves but also to contribute vital points towards the team's collective success. With each race, they aim to push the boundaries of performance, showcasing the true spirit of motorsport and cementing their legacy as champions.

PWR News

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